Thursday, July 2, 2009

"Vision Is The Art Of Seeing The Invisible."....Jonathan Swift

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself brings a healthy, self confident and strong woman. Loving yourself is paramount in our quest to be a better mother, daughter, wife, and friend.

Once we allow ourselves to be the potential that God has intended us to be, we can be the best mother, wife, daughter, and friend. Loving yourself will place us in that space of peace, tranquility, and happiness. We will no longer depend on others to bring the satisfaction of happiness and fulfillment of life.

I would love sharing my life with that special someone. I long for the day that a man will understand my wants, my attributes, my worth, my weaknesses, my soul, my hopes, my fears, and my dreams. But I refuse to give any man that gift of me when they are not worthy.

I recently met a man that I wanted to believe was worthy of me. I knew that he was not the one but I wanted so badly to have someone in my life. I ignored the obvious. I ignored my need for self esteem, self respect and love for myself. When we negate these things we sell a piece of our soul. We rationalize how he makes us feel, we tell stories of those rare and far and in between times that he shows a glimmer of kindness and consideration. We use God and the Bible as your source of why you should stay with this man and again we chip away at our ability to stand in the mirror and recognize the strong, gifted, caring and loving person that God wants us to be.

I had to stand in front of the mirror of reality and the person staring back at me was unrecognizable. It is okay to love but don't allow that love to change that person you once held up to high standards and high esteem. Don't allow this love to separate you and your family and friends. Now, you may say that your love for this man is your business and no one else's, you are fooling yourself. This is the man that has treated you wrongly and badly and now that you are in love again. you want everyone to back off and to accept your decision to love this man. Well. this can be done. but. at a price. Don't be surprised when those love ones decide to remove themselves from this chaotic and disturbing relationship.

Queens, today take the time to look into this mirror of reality. Do you recognize the person in the mirror. Love yourself and when you do this you will be living up to the potential that God has designed for you and that man, that should love you unconditionally, will be there for you.

Do you have a story of when you did not love yourself first and unconditionally and allowed the love of man to take priority? And when did you realize the need of this man over shadowed self love and how did you take your life back?"

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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