Thursday, October 1, 2009

"We're All Born Under The Same Sky, But We Don't All Have The Same Horizon."...Konrad Adenauer..

What Are You Seeking In A Relationship And What Are You Willing To Give Of Yourself In A Relationship?

As a woman in my forties, there are certain expectations, desires and standards that I believe I am entitled to. This is not an entitlement of selfishness or greed. It is an entitlement that I have as a queen seeking my king who is deservant of me, an entitlement as a child of God, and a righteousness that is entitled to me based on the Word of God. It is an entitlement that tells me that I want and deserve the best that life has to give me and in return I will reciprocate these same virtues and qualities to my King.

I seek first and foremost a man that is a child of God. I seek an honorable man that stumbles with flaws. This man with imperfections realizes that he is imperfect but strives to better himself and his family. For this man is not perfect but perfect for me. I seek my strong African American man that places no one before me but Our Lord and Saviour. I seek this strong outspoken man that cradles me in my moments of despair, my moments of tiredness and my moments of weakness. And with this spirit of outspokenness there is this quiet storm that is able to discern the situation and time to be outspoken vs. a quiet storm. The spirit of discernment is important to a man of leadership and authority. My king has a swagga that he owns and can never be duplicated. I seek a man that has Love for only me. His heart is too selfish to wander away from me, his true love. This man of God places his wife and family first. I seek a provider, a warrior, and a protector. This man of my, works endlessly and tirelessly to provide the essentials for his family. I seek a man that radiates self-confidence but needs not to be boastful and conceited. This man of my takes pride in his appearance. Are you that man for me.

As your queen, I take my role and place as your queen seriously. I place no one above you but my Lord and Saviour. I will stay by your side during all times. I will honor you both publicly and privately. I will never emasculate who you are. As your queen, my position is to feed and nourish you spiritually, physically and mentally. I am that voice of reason when you have doubts and concerns. I am that shelter when you need to be shielded. I am that queen confident enough to walk in your shadow without losing who I am. I am that queen that is sure of my position and role in your life and heart to allow you to be you. I am the mother of our children. I am your check and balance. I am your confidant. Most importantly, I am your perfect queen, not perfect in God's creation but perfect for you.

Do you know what you are seeking in a relationship and what are you willing to give in a relationship? My queens and kings take the time today to answer today's topic honestly.
Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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