Sunday, October 18, 2009

"The Worst the News, the More Effort Should Go Into Communicating It."....Andrew s. Grove, CEO, Intel Corp

Communication Between Men and Women
"Good Communication is as Stimulating as Black Coffee, and Just as Hard to Sleep After."....
Anne Morrow Lindbergh

It seems so simple, words between two people of the opposite sex, communication. The definition, the exchange of ideas, conveyance of information. In fact, this simple form of relaying and conveying thoughts, ideas, and feelings has proven, over the decades, to be difficult, arduous, painstaking, complicated, misconstrued, argumentative and disastrous.
I am the first to admit that at my age (hey hey), I refuse to mince words and to internalize how I feel. If communication is the expressive tools to convey how I feel then I am expressing. I have never sought to be malicious and combative (well sometimes). I do attempt to be thought provoking and insightful to my state of mind at that particular time. I believe when approaching a sensitive matter, you should be very careful of how and what you say. At the same time, one should be convincing and compelling of his/her thoughts.
Communication mixed with today's savvy technology lends numerous ways of communicating without direct interaction with each other. I really find this to be cowardice and shallow. I too have used these forms of communication. I really loath this impersonal form of communicating. I find these forms of communication to be used as a veil or a shield of deception, untruths, manipulation and lies. Men and women are already saddled with the hurdles of truthful, meaningful and honest communication, why add to the burden.
I have met several men in the past year and all rely heavily on texting, emailing, twitter, facebook or other blog sites. While I realize that these forms of communication play a significant role in our society, I hate that it has taken the place of true meaningful dialogue between men and women. These forms of communication can never place hearing the tone of how a voice changes when responding to a question or how a person pauses when he/she is trying to formulate a response. Hearing a person voice gives the listener insight to the state of mind of that person talking.
I take a stand today. As a queen, I will no longer accept anything other than ear to ear or face to face communication when discussing personal matters with someone of the opposite sex. Queens no longer allow a man to leave a texted message explaining why he did not show up for a date or mail you explaining why he is breaking up with you. I expect the same treatment from you queens. Let us regain some resemblance of normalcy and honesty in our interaction with the opposite sex. Don't allow complacency and not wanting to chase a man away when we demand to be treated "right and descent".
Peace and Blessings,
Tracey ReNissa

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