Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"The Finest Expression Of Respect Is Not Praise Or Status, But A Willingness To Talk Openly To A Person."...Les Bittle

Dwarf Syndrome

Queens the term "Dwarf Syndrome" came to me the other day. My use of the word dwarf is not meant to be derogatory or used in a negative connotation.

The term "Dwarf Syndrome" is used to describe how women dwarf themselves to accommodate the elevation of men. Queens the issue of "he's no good", "all men are dogs", "men aren't shit" originates with us. I mentioned in one of my earlier blogs that I read Steve Harvey's "Act Like a Woman and Think Like a Man" well I have too many hats to wear i.e. mother, daughter, sister, friend, registered nurse, entrepreneur, child of God, and so on, to add yet another dimension of who I am as a woman to think like a man.

I only partially fault men on their continuous quest to find and conquer the booty. With every conquest another morsel of our soul is taken. It is difficult for the average man to fully understand and comprehend the magnitude and the impact of the single act of sex between a man and a woman and what it means to the average woman. Our vagina and is so tightly intertwined to our soul and our being. It is metaphorically impossible to separate the two and to discuss the one without including the other.

And so we, as women, have learned to dwarf our true feelings and our true spirits in hopes to fit into the preconceived ideas and thoughts of what we think a man wants. We dwarf our desires to find meaningful relationships because if we don't give "it" up some other sister will. We dwarf our pursue of what we believe is right and necessary in our lives. We dwarf our womanhood to accommodate the desire of a man. We allow our hearts and souls to spiral into chaos because of the internal conflict of our wants versus their wants. When we are not at peace with our soul, our God given rights to express ourselves without some form of rejection, and with the liberation of our true essence, there will always be internal turmoil, struggle and strife and that man that we desire will never fully have the opportunity to relish, cherish and appreciate the Queens that we are.

How does a man start to appreciate the beauty of a woman without experiencing the essence of her vagina too soon? Where does that art of appreciation start? Men too are held accountable for this phenomenon of dwarfism and the polarization of cohesive, strong and solid relationships.

I can only besiege you, my Queens, to set the tone and direct the path in which you are willing to travel. Don't allow our insecurities of being without a man dictate how we interact with a man. I, too, struggle with this concept of knowing what to do but not executing it. I take the pledge to eradicate any insecurities that are compromising and does not allow the true essence of Tracey ReNissa

Peace and Blessings

Tracey ReNissa

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