Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"Vision Is A Startling Moment Of Clarity...The Ability To Reduce The Complicated To The Simple."

Window Seat

Sitting here feeling outta sorts. Here I go again. Damn, I can't keep this shit up. The lyrics to Eryrah Badu's Window Seat is drowning my cerebellum. Brothas just sit back and listen. After listening to the lyrics of Window Seat "It" became so painfully clear to me that I have been let down and disappointed by another one of my Black Kings.

After the hurt and pain, I need to remove myself and purchase a ticket out of town to "Anywhere" with a window seat. A window seat to see my past, my present, and my future. The pain is too excruciating to have someone to sit next to me and share this pain. I bore your children, I bare the humiliation of your infidelity (you cheating ass motha fucker), I work two jobs to ensure financial stability for our family, I stand in defiance at the mere thought that you have been disrespected or wronged, I rejoice in your triumphant moments, I cry with you (my tears flow longer and harder and my shoulders hang lower than yours from the weight of your disappointments), I search the classifieds to help in your mission to secure employment, I endure the absence of your touch, your strength, your smile, your smell, your manhood, your dick, your caress, and your outspokenness. I miss you.

Baby, once I reach my destination, I need you to miss me, I need you to come looking for me, I need your attention, I need your approval, I need your affection, but most of all, I need you to say "come back to me". See brothas our primal needs are so very basic. I NEED you to NEED me. Please need me. I recognize and realize that I need you but, the void is your unwillingness or inability to need me.

I come humble and submissive to you. Are my needs too much for you to fulfil? Can we travel down this road together and share this window seat?

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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