Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 a.m. Friend~ A Theological Spin!

Greetings Ladies, if the face of one sister-friend quickly comes into the heart of your mind or if you can rapidly recall the name of at least one sister-friend in response to our sister's question: "Who is your 2 a.m. friend?", then consider yourself abundantly blessed! Lord knows: A true friend, let alone a 2 a.m. friend is a precious and rare treasure these days, especially in such a self-centered and self-serving society, as the world in which we live.

dConversely, if the heart of your mind couldn't quickly find the face of at least one sister-friend or if you couldn't rapidly recall the name of at least one sister-friend, consider yourself still abundantly blessed! Because, just as it is vital to one's mental, emotional, relational and spiritual development to have a 2 a.m. friend, it is equally important to be~a 2 a.m. friend! After all, true friendship loves best in both directions-giving first, then receiving second!

For the scriptures lets us know: "A (wo)/ man who has friends must (her)/himself be friendly, But there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother/(sister)." Proverbs 18:24 NKJV In light of this verse of scripture, while I can attest to the fact that I am also among the abundantly blessed that a few faces do quickly come into the heart of mind and I can rapidly recall a few names. However, I can honestly admit there have been times, when I've both unintentionally disappointed one of my sister-friends by my own unavailability and I also was disappointed by theirs.

Even in our best efforts, as much as we all may want to have or be that 2 a.m. friend, there will be times, when we will come up short! Things happen and we are all prone to our own human inadequacies! When times occur, when we our 2 a.m. friend of support does come up short, it's best to already know and have a living and thriving relationship with Him, Who is not only a 2 a.m. friend, but also says and proves through His Word that He is: "I AM Who I AM."Exodus 3:14NKJV Our Almighty God, has the awesome ability "to be" in the present moment, minute, second or milli-second of our lives and through any context, condition, circumstance or situation that may confront us, whatever we may need Him to be.

God, Who is Eternal and the Lord of all Eternity holds all of our times in His hands; and therefore, He is qualified and certified to be our~ 2 a.m. friend! Since He never slumbers or sleeps, our calls, cries, concerns, petitions and pleads will always reach Him, because He's always available answers always on time! Besides, He is an excellent example of how to be a 2 a.m. friend! Just like crazy glue, God will closely stick with you and hold you tightly together through any kind of life-storm, especially when you feel like falling apart or your world may be temporarily torn into pieces!

In parting, it is my heartfelt prayer that if you don't have a 2 a.m. friend or even if you do, you will truly grow to know Him, the True and Timeless ~2 a.m. friend, Whose unconditional love sticks closer than any brother or sister!

In the Tenderness of His Love, Rev. April M. E.

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  1. I thank you and God for allowing you to be that 2 a.m. You are so right about the availability of our Lord and Savior. He hears me in the car, in the bathroom, during the dark moments in my room, and when my heart feels there is no strength left to breath anymore....