Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Inconvenience of the Truth

Using the phrase "the inconvenience of the truth" drives home the point that honesty, integrity and decency are attributes of the past. The intentional act of betrayal, lies, deception, forgery, and misrepresentation are more prevalent and obtuse than ever before. Men this is not a dis on you but the convenience of the truth.

It is quite sad and disheartening that as very grown people, we have not evolved as kings and queens. The kings and queens that is inherently our true destiny. We constantly allow society to dictate how we should interact with one another. The art and mastery of foolery and bullshit have been taken to a new height with the savviness of modern technology. Why is it more convenient to constantly engage in the untruth, to deceive, to knowingly hurt and then walk away like a hit and run driver. The damage is so massive and sometimes irreversible. Your arrogance to blame the victim by saying she knew the truth and then deflecting the blame and devastation onto your victim.

Men do your hearts not weigh heavy from the devastation and the carnage that you leave rotting and decaying by the road side. The cold black necrotic desolent souls that were once vibrant, colorful, loving, are now termed Bitches for women. We now function as Bitches from the mistreatment, the abandonment of love, the insensitivity of our feelings, the misuse of our pussies that are used over and over again with no regards to the fact that this same warm moist cervix of pleasure is used to bring forth life. How does the truth become such an inconvenience?

The inconvenience of the truth is no longer an acceptable behavior that will be tolerated by me from you. I will no longer, knowingly, allow the the inconvenience of the truth to be the basis and foundation of my relationship.

Queens, don't allow the inconvenience of the truth taint your souls. Regain your vibrancy, your love, your zest and your innate nurturing and loving attributes that God hand picked for us.

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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