Monday, March 7, 2011

"Keep Focused on the Substantiative Issues. To Make a Decision Means Having to go Through One Door and Closing All Others.""...Abraham Zalenznik

As Black People, Are We Still Pro-Obama...Are We Still Enthralled With This Man Of Charisma and Grace That Led This Country To Elect Our First Black President...Or Are You Disenchanted With Obama and His Policies and Why....What Expectations Did You Have and Were They Met?

Good morning my queens and kings. As we so quickly approach another Presidential Election (2012), we are faced with the daunting task, might I say responsibility, of choosing the best capable person, Commander in Chief, to lead our country.

As I ponder and marvel over the accomplishments of President Obama, I must also, in fairness, recount some of the promises that were proposed by President Obama that have not come into fruition. I do not believe that the President was blowing smoke and feeding us pie in the sky fairy tales for us to buy into. In fact, the impact and magnitude of fulfilling these promises, to me, have proven to be larger and more challenging than he could have initially imagined.

With the recent shift of Republicans vs. Democrats in Congress, there is very little chance of bipartisanship to support President Obama. Greater than partisanship, there is the unspoken truth, the big yellow elephant in the center of the room that won't go away, Racism. Unfortunately, there is a under current to stall and sabotage anything the President is trying to pass even at the expense and demise of the constituents who voted for these men and women to to come together under one accord to help improve this very unstable economic climate.

What are your thoughts? Do we continue to support President Obama because he is a black man, a man of color, or does your allegiance for this man go much deeper than the color of his skin. Do you stand firmly beside him in his views on domestic and foreign policies and his plans to bring our economy from record lows. Have you grown tired of the rhetoric and is eagerly awaiting to start anew. Here is your opportunity to express your views.

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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