Monday, April 6, 2009

"Character is determined by what you accomplish when the excitement is gone."....Anonymous

Settle Vs. Compromise In Our Choices of Men

As you gain maturity and wisdom, you start to reflect on your past mistakes and accomplishments. If you are sincere and honest with yourself, you should be able to learn and to extract the things that were and are mistakes from your life. A sign of wisdom is the ability to recognize these mistakes when presented again into your life. More importantly than recognizing these mistakes are the discernment and maturity not to repeat these mistakes.

I believe that some women are on a perpetual generational odyssey to settle when it comes to choosing men. I recently read the new book out by Steve Harvey "Act like a lady, Think like a man". I concluded that the content was not an epiphany or a revelation but a confirmation. The topics concerning men/women relationships were addressed and presented to enlighten women of our mistakes when dealing with men and how they operate (Excellent reading material). My overall take on this book was the old adage settling vs compromising. Our roles as women are so vast and complicated already, do we have the capacity to add to it by thinking like a man. Yes, added knowledge of knowing what to expect, what to reject and what not to accept are paramount. What is astonishing to me is our continued acceptance of what we know is wrong and our attempt to right these wrongs to have the perfect man.

Do you settle or compromise in our choices of men. Are women still allowing our standards, morals, wants and desires to be "compromised". Ladies comment on your opinions of settle vs. compromise. Are you in a loving relationship where there is compromise or have you settled for the @#%@# for the sake of having a man?

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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