Sunday, April 5, 2009

Topics for the Week of April 6th, 2009
Monday - Settle vs. Compromise in our Choices of Men
Tuesday - Lupus
Wednesday - Are we as women encouraging to each other, are we soul builders, emotion menders, uplifting in each others endeavors or are we “haters” of the game, destroyers of encouragement, or the grim reaper of dreams
Thursday - Are we raising our daughters to be strong, independent, loving and insightful women
Friday - How to enhance and keep the newness in your sexual encounters with your partner

Ladies, this site was designed to have women to come together and to have a voice. Those voices may not always agree but we should agree to disagree. I encourage everyone that visits this blog to join and to help me in my quest to empower one another. Share your thoughts. Make someone's day with your words of encouragement. Become that beacon of hope and strength.

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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