Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"People May Doubt What You Say But They Will Believe What You Do"....Anonymous

A Dream Deferred

Do you have a dream deferred? Ladies as wives, mothers, and daughters we are always juggling and multi tasking our families, lovers, careers, and friends which leaves little time for ourselves. Has your dream to become a chef, clothes designer, writer, lawyer, politician, or news anchor been deferred? How do you get it back on track? How do we allow our needs to take priority?

The time has come for us to retrieve our dreams and turn them into reality. Do not permit our circumstances to dictate our fate and destiny. Our resounding show of courage has always been the pinnacle of our strength. Our uncanny ability to rise to the occasion when there is only an infinitesimal amount of support has also been a testament of our fortitude as women. Allow others to take ownership of their mess. Allow others to help us when the need is there. Most importantly, continue to dream but dreams without action will always be a dream.

Ladies for the month of April, take the opportunity to reassess these dreams. Sort through them and purge. Reflection and prayer will assist us in determining our best path. Listen to that inner voice that has been our spiritual guidance and relinquish all self doubts. Here is your chance to allow Faith to take hold of our lives and to shine.

Please submit your comments on how your dream of deferment became a reality and submit comments on tips to help another sistah in her walk to transform that dream into a reality.

Peace and Blessings,

Tracey ReNissa

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